Sedo is hosting these days a No Reserve dotCOM domain name auction. The auction will end December 3rd,2015 . At the time of writing this article, none of the domain names included in the auction received bids. The auction features 10 .com domain names, all at No... Last week I revealed that the domain name had sold in a transaction between two Chinese domain investors. The new owner has a lot of high value domain names including, and At the time very little information... The top sale of the day was which sold for $ 38,333 at Sedo. NameBio recorded 259 sales for a total of $ 153,555 with... NamesCon conference organizers are offering a special Black Friday deal on conference passes. To promote the special... Go Daddy Auction Picks 11-27-15 Powered by Solid lineup of Chips today,,

As whois registrations affirmed, was recorded fir the first time in 1993. It has been recently proposed in a public auction at NameJet. Being... Thanksgiving 2015 is upon us! If you celebrate this holiday, today is a time to give thanks for the things that we have...

Considering the consumers suggestions about the newest gTLD submissions, iCANN designed a new plan for the close future. All these planned events aim...

 The Frager factor: Computers are now really good at hiring people – but HR keeps getting in the way;Google Announces New Advertising... Happy Thanksgiving! A domain owner has more reasons to celebrate today, with extra wine, as the majority of his domains... Colin Campbell from the .Club registry reported on the continued “run” on .Club domain names. This follows...

 The Frager factor: On the occasion of my 8th Thanksgiving blog post, now with over 10,000 indexed pages— bringing more search and social...

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